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 +====  DLUI   (DownLoad User Image)  ====
 +Download the image (photo, icon, avatar, etc.) associated with a user account.  This command should be passed a single argument - the name of the user whose photo is requested.   If successful, DLUI returns data in the same format as the DLAT (DownLoad ATtachment) command: a BINARY_FOLLOWS code followed by three parameters - the number of bytes in the data, a filename (always empty), the Content-Type (such as image/gif), and the character set (always empty).
-====  LBIO   (List users who have BIOs on file)  ==== +====  ULUI   (UpLoad User Image)  ==== 
-This command is self-explanatory Any user who has used [[documentation:appproto:users#ebio.enter.biography|EBIO]] to place a bio on file is listed.  LBIO almost always returns [[documentation:appproto:statuscodes|LISTING_FOLLOWS]] followed by this listing, unless it experiences an internal error in which case [[documentation:appproto:statuscodes|ERROR]] is returned.+Upload the image (photo, icon, avatar, etc.) associated with a user account.  This command may be passed either two or three parameters:
 +^ No.  ^ Value                                                            ^
 +| 0    | Data length to be transmitted (in bytes)                         |
 +| 1    | MIME Content-Type of the data to be transmitted                  |
 +| 2    | (Optional) name of the user whose image is being uploaded.  If empty, assumes the currently logged in user. |
 +An error will occur if a user without administrative privileges attempts to change another user's photo, or if a nonexistent user is specified.
 +If successful, a SEND_BINARY response will be delivered, along with the number of bytes expected.  The client MUST then transmit a binary blob containing that number of bytes.
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