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Notification API

Citadel can notify external applications of new mails in users Inboxes. Since of 7.60 it will be more versatile, and can work with different URL/POST/GET ways. Have a look:

URL Scheme in admin interface

The admin interface in webcit has a new box which you can add notification URLs to. Citadel will notify each of them one by one of new mails for these users.


If filename is empty, a GET will be triggered on incomming mails; the template tokens will be substituted into the URL part.

If filename is there it will be loaded from the same directory where citadel install you “funambol_newmail_soap.xml” ; /usr/share/citadel-server/ if you used the debian aproach. It will be posted to the URL you specified, the tokens will be replaced with the data of the current mail.

Url: An average HTTP url, with optional Username:Password, and Port:

These are the Tokens which are to be filled in:

^notifyuserthe user who got the mail
^msgidthe UUID which could help finding the mail via IMAP
^msgnumThe citadel ID wich could reference the mail via for the Citadel/Webcit Protocol

Per User Setting

Every user can choose the Notification channel he wants to receive his notifications with.
To use This notification method, click
Advanced→Edit your push email settings
and choose

Use custome notification scheme configured by your Admin

After that mails to that user should cause notification triggers to your application.