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How do I create a mailing list or distribution list?

As you might have guessed already, a room is the entity providing this functionality. You need to have at least room-aide privileges to access feature.

Citadel incorporates a fully functional listserver. It provides both single-message and digest modes, and allows self-service subscribe/unsubscribe via Webcit, and Aide controlled subscription. Multiple email addresses can be added at once; You also can choose email addresses from all your addressbooks.

The administration screens in WebCit (Advanced →Advanced room commands → Edit or delete this room → Mailing list service) provide the most intuitive way of configuring and managing a list.

This screen offers also the ability to…

  1. add system global mail aliases for this room
  2. choose the alias which should be used as “from-address” for this room when sending mails
  3. Add Recipients in digest (one mail per day) mode
  4. Add Recipients (each mail)
  5. Choose message post policy

You can do this from the text mode client as well.

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