Installing Citadel on FreeBSD

FreeBSD is not directly supported by the Citadel team, but it is known to work, with a small amount of coaxing. You will need to adapt the EasyInstall script to install Citadel on your FreeBSD machine.

These instructions were provided by steffenfritz, to whom we are thankful for helping develop the procedure:

Create a user account for Citadel:

adduser citadel

Install requirements from ports:

a) lang/gcc
b) devel/gmake
c) converters/libiconv
d) textproc/intltool
e) devel/gettext
f) misc/shared-mime-info

Download the Easy Install script, but don’t execute it yet:

wget -q -O

Download and modify the start scripts:

Download and from
Move them to /usr/local/etc/rc.d/
make them executable with chmod +x
You have to modify! Open file and search for “command=”/usr/local/webcit/webserver”. Change it to “command=”/usr/local/webcit/webcit”

Modify /etc/rc.conf

Add citserver_enable=’YES’ and webcit_enable=’YES’ to /etc/rc.conf


Start installation with “sh install”

After the installation, citserver and webcit start, but webcit will not start the next boot. Even it will not work with IPv4, it strictly listens on port 2000 IPv6. As a workaround, you have to start webcit manually with option “-i“.