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   Administrator   Administrator
 +**Important Note**
 +Configuring the System Administrator (aide) for Citadel with the setup has some caveats!
 +The name of the user depends on what your directory server contains:
 +  * If **Full Name** of the user is set to //Edward Xavier Ample//, use that Full Name as System Admnistrator name.
 +  * If **First Name** is //Edward// and **Last Name** is //Ample//, use both, as in "Edward Ample".
 +  * If and only if you did not set the above fields for any reason, then and only then use **User Logon Name**, such as //example// for the System Administrator name!
 +Again, if you only use the "User Logon Name" or "Login" while you have a complete name entered in other fields, your account will be able to log in, but you will not be an aide and you will not see the Administration menu.
   <Administrator Password>   <Administrator Password>
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