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 now you should be able to test your relay. now you should be able to test your relay.
 +====Configuring per user Relay====
 +//this is an unrelased feature - it will be part of citadel 8.2x//
 +So maybe you're only allowed to send mails as the user that was authenticated for relaying - which may be not nice if you have several users using your system.
 +This setup is a little more complicated. Follow these steps.
 +  - collect all relay domains you're going to send mails via, add them to //Masqueradable domains//.
 +  - configure several relay addresses like this: somemailaddress@somewhere.org username:password@relayhost  (please note the blank between email and relay)
 +  - edit the users personal vcard, add somemailaddress@somewhere.org to his email addresses.
 +Once the user chooses somemailaddress@somewhere.org as his sender, this relay will be used.
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