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philosophical imaginary


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   mv /usr/local/citadel/data/log.* /disk2/ctdllogs    mv /usr/local/citadel/data/log.* /disk2/ctdllogs 
-make the citadel user own them:+Ensure that these directories and files are owned by the 'citadeluser:
-  chown citadel:citadel /disk1/ctdldata /disk1/ctdldata/*¬†+  chown -R citadel:citadel /disk1/ctdldata¬†
-  chown citadel:citadel /disk2/ctdllogs /disk2/ctdllogs/*+  chown -R citadel:citadel /disk2/ctdllogs
 * Create a file called **/usr/local/citadel/data/DB_CONFIG** containing the following lines: * Create a file called **/usr/local/citadel/data/DB_CONFIG** containing the following lines:
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