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OpenBuildService RPMS

Under http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/homueller:/citadel/ you can find our new RPMs. Feel free to try them out and provide feedback in the 'citadel support'-room on Uncensored.

Right now we support the following distributions:

Use this link to install: Citadel

Use this link to install: Webcit

All other packages for reference:

citadel-client | citadel-doc | citadel-lang | citadel-mta | Citadel-SElinux | libcares2 | libcitadel3 | libev | libical | libsieve1 | webcit-lang | webcit-theme-blue-castle | perl Net::Citadel

What to do after package installation?

First of all you have to execute /usr/sbin/citadel-setup to initialize the database and set the administrator user and his password. I suggest to keep the default values unless you know what you are doing (exception: don't let citadel-setup create/change the init/rc scripts). After setup has finished, adjust the settings in /etc/sysconfig/citadel and /etc/sysconfig/webcit to your needs. The changes will take effect after you restarted citadel and/or webcit (service [citadel|webcit|webcits] restart). If something doesn't work as expected, then take a look into citadel's logfile /var/log/citadel.log (default with rsyslog) or /var/log/mail. Webcit will log to /var/log/webcit/* (default with rsyslog).

Please note that Citadel only supports systemd on recent fedora, openSUSE and Mandriva. Therefore starting and stopping the services may be a little bit different.

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