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   git clone git://git.citadel.org/appl/gitroot/citadel.git   git clone git://git.citadel.org/appl/gitroot/citadel.git
 +===== How to choose the branch =====
 +The Citadel development is organized [[http://code.citadel.org/?p=citadel.git;a=heads|in Branches]]; Master contains the currently ongoing development, which may be unstable in some cases; stable-xxxxx contains the to be released source code with ongoing patches & bugfixes backported from master. By default the above git clone gives you a 'master' working copy. Once the code is released into tarballs for distribution, [[http://code.citadel.org/?p=citadel.git;a=tags|Releases are tagged]].
 +To choose one of the [[http://code.citadel.org/?p=citadel.git;a=heads|Branches]] or [[http://code.citadel.org/?p=citadel.git;a=tags|Tags]] (if you don't want to build probably unstable code) i.e. //stable-82x// use:
 +  git checkout stable-82x
 +To get the latest (maybe not yet released) code for this stable branch.
 +If you found a patch in Master, which you'd like to add to your currently checked out branch or tag, you can use
 +  git cherry-pick a6e90dc4d19b9d7b7f9b55d281cf237bc5f40f66
 +which would then add [[http://code.citadel.org/?p=citadel.git;a=commit;h=a6e90dc4d19b9d7b7f9b55d281cf237bc5f40f66|this commit]] to your working copy.
 ===== Build Notes ===== ===== Build Notes =====
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   ./bootstrap   ./bootstrap
 +  * to retain compatibility to your existing installation, see instructions for [[installation:easyinstall:easyinstall:homebrew|easy install]] or [[faq:installation:compile_debs|debian packages]]
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