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Citadel Download/Installation

There are several convenient ways to obtain the Citadel system.

Easy Install

The easiest and quickest way to get Citadel running is to use Easy Install, a one-step installer that automatically downloads, installs, and configures the complete Citadel system on your computer. Easy Install eliminates the need to compile source code manually, and it eliminates package dependency problems.

Debian / Ubuntu Packages

Debian Lenny and Ubuntu 8.04 ship Citadel packages. You just need to run

sudo apt-get install citadel-suite

and follow the questions.

You also can try our debian packages. You'll find i386 and amd64 packages and an apt-source repository there.

Citadel virtual appliance

You can also download a pre-built Citadel system that runs inside popular hypervisors such as KVM and VMware. The complete Citadel system, along with spam and virus protection, plus a transparent Linux-based operating system are all built-in and preconfigured. This is also the best way to run the Citadel system in a Microsoft Windows environment.

Citadel ebuild for Gentoo

Gentoo Ebuilds are avaiable from Sunrise overlay. If you want to give them a try read on here.

Citadel RPMs for SUSE, Fedora & Mandriva

Citadel RPM-Packages are available in OBS for all major distributions. Read on here to find out how to install them.

Source code

Follow this link to download full source code for the entire Citadel system.

Themes / User contributed Artwork

As webcit supports themability via CSS and some other ways, YOU are invited to share your “view on citadel” with others. Have a look at the Themes Section.

After Installation

Be sure to have a look at the Getting Started and some of its articles. And if you like what you see, drop us a note in the Citadel Support Room over at Uncensored! or stack us at ohloh.net.

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