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 ====== Debian / Ubuntu Packages ====== ====== Debian / Ubuntu Packages ======
-{{installation:debianswirl.jpeg?15|}}Debian Lenny and {{installation:ubuntu.png?20|}}Ubuntu 8.04 ship Citadel packages. You just need to run+{{installation:debianswirl.jpeg?15|}}Debian and {{installation:ubuntu.png?20|}}Ubuntu ship Citadel packages. You just need to run
   sudo apt-get install citadel-suite   sudo apt-get install citadel-suite
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-====== Citadel virtual appliance ====== 
-You can also download a [[installation:appliance|pre-built Citadel system that runs inside popular hypervisors such as KVM and VMware]].  The complete Citadel system, along with spam and virus protection, plus a transparent Linux-based operating system are all built-in and preconfigured.  This is also the best way to run the Citadel system in a Microsoft Windows environment. 
 ====== Citadel ebuild for Gentoo ====== ====== Citadel ebuild for Gentoo ======
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