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-====== Citadel 8.20 ====== 
-Version 8.20 of the award-winning Citadel groupware suite is now available.  This is primarily a maintenance release; there are no new major components of the system. 
-Worth noting is that if you are building Citadel from source code, the text mode client is now a separate download.  [[installation:easyinstall:easyinstall|Easy Install]] will continue to deliver this component. 
-Lately we are noticing that many hobbyists are choosing to install the Citadel system on [[http://www.raspberrypi.org/|Raspberry Pi]] hardware, due to Citadel's unique combination of an extensive feature set and small memory/disk footprint.  We would like to congratulate these clever hobbyists and continue to support Citadel on all versions of the Linux operating system. 
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