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Current Citadel news

Citadel reviewed by Enterprise Networking Planet

Carla Schroder of Enterprise Networking Planet has written a nice two-part review of the Citadel system. In this review she praises Citadel's intuitive user-focused user interface and its easy system administration, going as far as to declare it her favorite groupware and messaging server.

Read both parts of the article here:

Part 1 - "Citadel: A Bastion of Groupware Functionality"

Part 2 - "Set Up Basic Groupware With Citadel"

Thanks for the kind words, Carla!

Microsoft Outlook is now supported!

We are pleased to announce that Outlook Connector product is now available that allows Microsoft Outlook to seamlessly and effortlessly access many of Citadel's groupware and collaboration functions, including not only email but also server-side calendars and address books, tasks, notes, and more.

This product has been built by Bynari, Inc. with a large amount of collaboration and input from the Citadel project and other groupware projects. All data is stored on the server in open standard formats.

We hope that this new development eliminates the perceived need for Microsoft Exchange in many organizations and will allow them to migrate to Citadel.

· %2008/%03/%16 %23:%Mar · Art Cancro

Citadel adopted by packet radio network

Just after 9/11/01, some of the 11,000 FCC licensed volunteer Amateur Radio operators in Minnesota decided they could build a radio based data network covering the region. This network would provide a reliable “last ditch” email and data capability in the event of an emergency that disabled or overloaded normal communications channels. They passed the hat and collected enough funds and donated equipment to complete the first phase of the network using AX.25 packet radio technology, which has been running to commercial reliability standards since 2002.

Citadel was chosen as the email and conferencing system for this network, due to its compact size and versatile client options – including its text-mode client, which turned out to be perfect for 100 Kbps packet radio connections.

Read more about it at the group's own web site.

Citadel server v7.20 released

We are pleased to announce v7.20 of the Citadel server. Click “Download” on the left side of this page to grab your very own copy. This version is also available via Easy Install.

This is mainly a performance and bugfix release. If you're accessing Citadel from an iPhone, this is the version for you. There are also some fixes to the 'vacation' Sieve service that some sites have been asking for.

All in all there have been a lot of changes going on under the covers, but no spectacular new features. This is definitely an optional upgrade.

· %2007/%09/%19 %23:%Sep · Art Cancro

Citadel adopts GPLv3

The developers of the Citadel messaging and collaboration system are pleased to announce that we are now releasing all of our software under version 3 of the GNU General Public License.

There has been an intentional effort by a particular producer of non-free software to subvert, erode, circumvent, and otherwise undermine the spirit of free software. In the light of recent events, it has become clear to us that GPLv3 will provide stronger protection from patent problems and license circumvention.

Citadel remains the only messaging and collaboration system offering end-to-end GPL across the entire code base, and we continue to lead in this area by being the first to adopt GPLv3. Furthermore, when compared with other systems in its category, Citadel remains the only one that is comprised of end-to-end free software at all. Others offer a feature-limited free version but require a paid license in order to use the “enterprise” or “network” edition. Citadel has no such limitation; we make our very best work available to everyone on the same terms.

· %2007/%07/%30 %17:%Jul · Art Cancro

Citadel system version 7.11 released

We are pleased to announce that version 7.11 of the two major components of the Citadel system – Citadel Server, and WebCit – have been released.

This version contains new improvements to the user interface, including a lovely address book pop-up that is usable in the email composer and in the calendar attendees selector. More of the user interface is now skinnable using CSS, and several themes are available. On the back end, additional bug fixes and performance improvements are included.

Beginning with this version, we are now using Version 3 of the GNU General Public License.

Please go to Citadel Download/Installation to obtain the new software.

WebCit 6.11 released

WebCit 6.11 is now available for download, either here on the website or via Easy Install. This is a minor update which fixes an issue with the calendar, task list, and address book. If you are experiencing peculiar behavior when using Citadel with third party PIM clients, please download and install this update.

· %2007/%07/%02 %17:%Jul

Access your Citadel calendar and contacts from Thunderbird

If you're looking for an end-to-end open source replacement for Outlook and Exchange, look no further. The answer is Citadel, of course, using Thunderbird as a client plus some extensions to bring it all together. This knowledge base article explains how to put it all together.

Calendar library update for 2007 DST changes

Citadel users located in the United States will want to upgrade to libical 0.27, which contains (among other things) updated time zone information including the changes for Daylight Savings Time (DST) which begin in 2007.

If you installed the Citadel system using the Easy Install method, simply run Easy Install again and you will automatically receive this upgrade.

Please note that this must be installed in addition to any patches which are required by your host operating system.

Citadel featured in Linux Journal

The February 2007 issue of Linux Journal has a feature article about the Citadel system written by Jon Watson, who boldly declares, “Microsoft Exchange, meet your replacement.” Grab a copy and check it out, or read it online.

· %2007/%02/%08 %09:%Feb · Art Cancro

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