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Current Citadel news

· %2012/%05/%04 %12:%May · Art Cancro
· %2009/%05/%03 %00:%May · Art Cancro
· %2008/%03/%16 %23:%Mar · Art Cancro
· %2007/%07/%30 %17:%Jul · Art Cancro
· %2007/%07/%02 %17:%Jul

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Citadel is moving to a "rolling release" model%2014/%12/%15 %16:%DecArt Cancro
FLOSS Weekly talks Citadel%2012/%05/%04 %12:%MayArt Cancro
Data management changes in Citadel 7%2009/%05/%03 %00:%MayArt Cancro
Citadel.org security advisory - 2009-march-23%2009/%03/%23 %12:%MarArt Cancro
OpenSSL vulnerability in Debian Etch and Ubuntu%2008/%05/%13 %10:%MayArt Cancro
Citadel reviewed by Enterprise Networking Planet%2008/%04/%21 %16:%AprArt Cancro
Microsoft Outlook is now supported!%2008/%03/%16 %23:%MarArt Cancro
Citadel adopted by packet radio network%2007/%11/%28 %16:%NovArt Cancro
Citadel adopts GPLv3%2007/%07/%30 %17:%JulArt Cancro
GroupDAV: Standardizing Groupware%2007/%07/%02 %17:%Jul 
Access your Citadel calendar and contacts from Thunderbird%2007/%07/%02 %16:%Jul 
Calendar library update for 2007 DST changes%2007/%02/%27 %18:%FebArt Cancro
Citadel featured in Linux Journal%2007/%02/%08 %09:%FebArt Cancro
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