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Microsoft Outlook connector for Citadel

All of the groupware and collaboration functions of Microsoft Outlook are now available with Citadel as the server, using a versatile connector product from Bynari. With the Connector installed, Outlook users can make use of many of Citadel's collaboration features, including email, calendar with free/busy scheduling, address books, distribution lists, tasks, notes and more. Installation is easy and straightforward, and there is full interoperability between users of Outlook and users of other PIM clients (including web users logging in through WebCit).

This is not a half-baked “sync” product. Your Citadel server, via the Connector, becomes a true server-side transport provider and data store.

If you would like to deploy the Citadel system within your organization, but the only thing holding you back was Microsoft Outlook, you are no longer tied to Exchange. Simply purchase Connector licenses and you are free to take advantage of Citadel's innovative collaboration model while still allowing Outlook users to make use of server-side calendars, address books, and other features which they are accustomed to having.

Click here to go to Bynari's web site to learn more, to purchase the Connector product, or to obtain a free 30-day demo.

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