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Manipulating a users Sieve Message Store

MSIV (Manage SIeVe scripts)

This command is the interface to Citadel's implementation of Sieve, the mail filtering and sorting language. Clients may automate the handling of incoming messages to their inbox by administering one or more Sieve scripts. The available subcommands are:

MSIV putscript|<scriptname>

Add a new script or replace an existing one. Always returns SEND_LISTING and expects the client to transmit the script content.

MSIV listscripts

List the scripts which are available for this account. Returns LISTING_FOLLOWS followed by a list of available scripts. Each line of the output contains two parameters: the name of the script, and 0 or 1 to indicate whether the script is active.

MSIV setactive|<scriptname>

Choose which script is to become the active one that handles the user's inbox. <scriptname> must be either the name of an existing script or an empty string to indicate that the user wishes to disable all scripts. Returns OK if successful, or ERROR if the supplied name is invalid.

MSIV getscript|<scriptname>

Output one of the existing scripts. Returns LISTING_FOLLOWS followed by the script, or ERROR if the named script does not exist.

MSIV deletescript|<scriptname>

Delete one of the existing scripts. Returns OK if the script was deleted, or ERROR if the named script does not exist or cannot be deleted because it is active.

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