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GetMail - Retrieve a message from the Citadel Server


getmail [-hHomeDir] RoomName MessageID Parts foo Command [remotehost [remoteport]]


GetMail connects to the given citserver, enters the specified Room and retrieves MessageID


remotehostif the citserver lives on another box, its name / ip; else the path to the unix-domain-socket. Defaults to the compiled in unix domain socket
remoteportIf you want to connect to citserver via TCP specify its port here
RoomNameThe room your mail is in
PartsWhich parts to retrieve? 0: Headers + Body; 1: Headers; 2: Body; 3: Headers without mime
fooTODO: why isn't cmd[3] used inside of the code?
CommandTODO: what needs to be in here?


By default userlist connects to a citadel server located at port 504


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