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 +GetMail - Retrieve a message from the Citadel Server
 +**getmail [-hHomeDir] RoomName MessageID Parts foo Command [remotehost [remoteport]] **
 +GetMail connects to the given citserver, enters the specified Room and retrieves MessageID
 +|remotehost|if the citserver lives on another box, its name / ip; else the path to the unix-domain-socket. Defaults to the compiled in unix domain socket|
 +|remoteport|If you want to connect to citserver via TCP specify its port here|
 +|RoomName|The room your mail is in|
 +|Parts|Which parts to retrieve? 0: Headers + Body; 1: Headers; 2: Body; 3: Headers without mime|
 +|foo|TODO: why isn't cmd[3] used inside of the code? |
 +|Command|TODO: what needs to be in here?|
 +By default userlist connects to a citadel server located at port 504
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