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Sendcommand Utility


sendcommand [remotehost [remoteport]] Citadelcommand


Sendcommand connects to the given citserver, identifies itself as an internal programm, and sends the Citadel Protocol Command you specified.


-wChange the default watch dog timeout. Takes an integer argument. EG. -w50 will set the watchdog to 50 seconds
remotehostif the citserver lives on another box, its name / ip; else the path to the unix-domain-socket. Defaults to the compiled in unix domain socket
remoteportIf you want to connect to citserver via TCP specify its port here
Citadelcommandsee http://www.citadel.org/doku.php/documentation:appproto:start for more details


By default userlist connects to a citadel server located at port 504


A call to sendcommand could look like that:

sendcommand IGAB
sendcommand: started (pid=3021) running in citadel
Attaching to server...
Sample Citadel server ready.
Authenticated as an internal program.
200 Directory has been rebuilt.
sendcommand: processing ended.


200 Directory has been rebuilt.

is the reply of your citadelserver.
You can also use it to export / import your database:

sendcommand ARTV export > /tmp/my_database.dump

Back in:

sendcommand ARTV import < /tmp/my_database.dump

(note that the output is citadel server version dependand, so you need to restore it to a Citserver of the same version)


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