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 +Log levels used in Citadel log
 +**enum LogLevel**
 +Used to indicate the level / severity of log messages sent via CtdlLogPrintf
 +|CTDL_EMERG|When about to exit the server for an unrecoverable error, the system is unusable|
 +|CTDL_ALERT|Manual intervention is required to avoid an unrecoverable error, action must be taken immediately|
 +|CTDL_CRIT|The server can continue to run with degraded functionality, critical conditions|
 +|CTDL_ERR|An error has occurred but the server continues to run normally|
 +|CTDL_WARNING|An abnormal condition was detected, server will continue normally|
 +|CTDL_NOTICE|Normal activity messages|
 +|CTDL_INFO|Unimportant progress messages|
 +|CTDL_DEBUG|Debugging messages|
 +======SEE ALSO======
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