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Files and where Easy Install and LHFS (.rpm / .deb) installs put them

Easy Install places its program and data files in the /usr/local hierarchy. Debian and other packages follow the Linux Filesystem Herarchy. If you need to migrate an installation between the two, you will need to relocate your data files between these locations.


Legacy (prepend /usr/local/citadel) LHFS LHFS/RPM similar to LHFS where empty File Purpose
Configuration Files and directories
citadel.config /var/lib/citadel/data/citadel.config Citadel Server Base config
citadel.control /var/lib/citadel/data/citadel.control Citadel Server State File
refcount_adjustments.dat /var/lib/citadel/data/refcount_adjustments.dat * List of id's that where deleted cached.
public_clients /etc/citadel/public_clients Clients from which source ips are allowed to set the remote user ip?
nework/mail.alias /etc/citadel/mail.alias Email Address Aliases Database
help/ /usr/share/citadel-server/help/ The help files for the commandline client
messages/ /etc/citadel/messages/ Citadels Welcome messages and so on.
netconfigs/ /etc/citadel/netconfigs extended per room configurations like mailinglist recipients, Inter Citadel Node Configurations, or RSS Aggregartions
keys/ /etc/ssl/citadel/ Server SSL Certificates
citadel.rc /etc/citadel/citadel.rc Citadel Commandline Client Configfile
Data Files
bio/ /var/lib/citadel/bio/ The users Biography files
bitbucket/ /var/lib/citadel/bitbucket/ Trashcan; depricated.
files/ /var/lib/citadel/files/ Room File uploads
images/ /var/lib/citadel/images/ Room Pictures
info/ /var/lib/citadel/info/ Room Info Text Files
userpics/ /var/lib/citadel/userpics/ Users Pictures
data/ /var/lib/citadel/data/ Berkeley Database files, short the very Heart of your citadel
network/spoolin/ /var/spool/citadel/network/spoolin Inbound Citadel Internode-Spool
network/spoolout/ /var/spool/citadel/network/spoolout Outbound Citadel Internode-Spool
network/systems/ /var/spool/citadel/network/spoolsystems/
Sockets, pidfiles (non volatile, so you won't need to move them)
citadel.pid /var/run/citadel/citadel.pid The Actual PID of the Server Process
citadel.socket /var/run/citadel/citadel.socket Citadel Protocol Speaking Unix Domain Socket
lmtp.socket /var/run/citadel/lmtp.socket LMTP (Slightly modified SMTP) UDS
lmtp-unfiltered.socket /var/run/citadel/lmtp-unfiltered.socket Non AVAS passing mail feed UDS
Binaries (the debs will bring 'em on update…)
citserver /usr/sbin/citserver The citadel server itself.
sendcommand /usr/sbin/sendcommand Pipe messages into citadel.sock
setup /usr/lib/citadel/setup /usr/sbin/citadel-setup The Citadel Base Setup Program. The debs use it via debconf.
citadel /usr/bin/citadel The citadel commandline client
base64 /usr/lib/citadel-server/base64 The base 64 de/encrypter
citmail /usr/sbin/citmail
or /usr/sbin/sendmail (via mta package) Citadels sendmail replacement for local Mail sending
/etc/init.d/citadel /etc/init.d/citadel Citadels startup script. (a bit different on debian)
aidepost /usr/lib/citadel-server/aidepost /usr/lib/citadel/aidepost Tool to post messages with aide permissions
msgform /usr/lib/citadel-server/msgform /usr/lib/citadel/msgform
userlist /usr/lib/citadel-server/userlist /usr/lib/citadel/userlist show a list of users logged in
getmail /usr/lib/citadel-server/getmail /usr/lib/citadel/getmail utility extracting single mails from the store
ctdlmigrate /usr/lib/citadel-server/ctdlmigrate /usr/sbin/ctdlmigrate Utility for over the wire migration of one citadel to another
database_cleanup.sh /usr/share/doc/citadel-server/examples/database_cleanup.sh /usr/share/doc/citadel/examples/database_cleanup.sh Sample script howto repair berkeley db files


Legacy (prepend /usr/local/webcit) LHFS LHFS/RPM File Purpose
webcit (formaly known as webserver) /usr/sbin/webcit
setup Not included Webcits setup program. Debconf does its job in the debs.
/etc/init.d/webcit /etc/init.d/webcit /etc/init.d/webcit or /lib/systemd/systemd/webcit[s].service Webcits init script. (a bit different on debian)
% /etc/default/webcit /etc/sysconfig/webcit the debian/rpm init scripts config values; created by debconf
locale/ /usr/share/locale Webcits different tongues
static /usr/share/citadel-webcit/static/ Static templates and Images
static.local /usr/share/citadel-webcit/static.local/
tiny_mce %
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