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Browsing / Editing Users

USERLIST iterator

Provides Context CTX_USERLIST requires Aide Status/ Loads the actualy available Users from the server

This list is sortable by the usual HTTP-sortparameters:

http ParamPurpose
SortOrderForward/Reverse sort the userlist before iterating
SortByCriterion to sort the list by; see below.
Sort NamePurpose
user:nameName; sort alphabetical by the Loginname
user:accslvlAccesslevel; sort by the rights of the user
user:nlogonsnLogons; sort by the number of times the users logged in
user:uidID; sort by the integer representation of the user; probably reproduces the sequence they were created
user:lastlogonLastLogon; sort by their last action date
user:lastlogonnLogons; sort by their number of consumed sessions
user:nmsgpostsPosts; sort by their activity level

User data

Requires Context CTX_USERLIST

USERLIST:USERNAME Loginname of the user to edit / display (escapable by “X”)
USERLIST:UID The integer Userid of the actual user
USERLIST:ACCLVLNO Access Level of the user
USERLIST:ACCLVLSTR I18N'ed Stringrepresentation of the user Access Level
USERLIST:LASTLOGON:STR Time the user logged in last time; String Representation
USERLIST:LASTLOGON:NO Time the user logged in last time; Integer representation
USERLIST:NLOGONS How many times did this user log on?
USERLIST:NPOSTS Number of messages this user posted
USERLIST:FLAGS Flags of this user; just available while inspecting one user
USERLIST:DAYSTILLPURGE Days remaining till this user will be purged; just available while inspecting one user



Context: USERLIST Checks whether the contexts userlists UID is the one specified by 'usernum' or the Username is the same as specified by 'username'.


Requires Context CTX_USERLIST

Parameters Type Description
3 int accesslevel to compare the context users to


Requires Context CTX_USERLIST does the context user have access to internet email? just available in display_edituser

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