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 +====== How Do I Create A Public Mailbox To Be Accessed By Several Users? ======
 +The Mailbox in Webcit behaves a bit differently than those on other mail systems.  Therefore, you will get unexpected results if you just create a new user and make its Inbox public.
 +The way to do this using Citadel is to create a "public room, in the below manner: 
 +  - Navigate to Advanced -> Create a new room
 +  - Enter the desired name for your public mailbox,
 +  - Select the Floor it should be created on. Choose carefully, this also influences the location of your new room in your imap or webcit directory hierarchy!
 +  - Select Bulletin Board for the view type
 +  - Select either "Public" or "Private - invitation only" depending on how you want to limit access to it. **Do not select Personal!**
 +  - Click Create.
 +Now [[faq:everydayuse:how_do_i_post_messages_via_smtp_mail_into_a_room| you can send mail into this room.]]
 + If you don't like the email address, you can [[faq:everydayuse:how_do_i_beautify_the_mailname_of_a_public_room|beautify this email address.]]
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