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 +==== How do i create two public email adrresses with same recipients but different domains? ====
 +given your citadel may recieve mail for two domains:
 +  * acme.com
 +  * mycitadel.com
 +and now you want sales@ to be delivered into different rooms you could do this the following way:
 +  * create a room acme_sales
 +  * create a room mycitadel_sales
 +  * add //sales@acme.com,room_acme_sales// to your mail.alias file
 +  * add //sales@mycitadel.com,room_mycitadel_sales// to your mail.alias file
 +from now on these two email adresses will become delivered to different rooms.
 +You could imagine the same scenario for two users, like 
 +  * einstein_jr
 +  * einstein_sr
 +is here.
 +Now Junior should receive einstein@acme.com, and Senior einstein@mycitadel.com.
 +**//This will be just possible if there is no einstein user!//**
 +Now Junior will have to add einstein@acme.com to his personal v-card, Senior adds einstein@mycitadel.com to his. 
 +Both will now receive the mail accounts they like.
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