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 +=====How do I add an Invitation from Facebook to my personal Calendar?=====
 +So you've got a mail stating somebody invited you to an invent via Facebook. Since you don't want to type that by hand, heres how to get the invitation into your calendar: 
 +  * click the link in that mail (or go to the event or go to the event via the webinterface of facebook)
 +  * Right over 'Your Answer' there is 'Export'
 +  * Click it, a popup opens
 +    * choose to send it to your email account (which should end up on your citadel somehow)
 +  * shortly after, you will find a mail in your mailbox with the subject 'Calendar entry for //some event//'
 +  * Switch your Iconbar to Roomlisting mode
 +  * open "My Rooms"
 +  * drag the mail from your Inbox to your Calendar room.
 +Done! The next time you open your calendar, this Event will show up.
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