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 ====== What is the difference between Citadel and Citadel/UX? ====== ====== What is the difference between Citadel and Citadel/UX? ======
 +During the heyday of the dialup BBS, there were many different implementations of software called "Citadel" which provided a similar feature set and command set.  Our variant was called "Citadel/UX" because it runs on Unix and Unix-like operating systems.
- +Our implementation is the only one which evolved into modern groupware and content management suite, and accounts for nearly all of the mindshare when such things are discussed on the Internet Therefore, on this web site we refer to it simply as Citadel.
- +
-Citadel variants comprise rich history of various implementations of messaging software based on Jeff Prothero's original 1981 design. They differed from each other in many areas but were all based upon the "rooms" conceptIn this contextour implementation has traditionally been referred to as Citadel/UX, a variant name chosen because it runs on Unix platforms. On this web site we refer to it simply as Citadel. +
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