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 +====== I Like Squirrel Mail. How Do I Run It On Top Of Citadel? ======
 +[[http://www.squirrelmail.org|Squirrelmail]] is an IMAP Client written in PHP.
 +Thus Squirrelmail will communicate to Citadel via IMAP. To configure it, map it to the Folderstructure Citadel provides by modifying the following SquirrelMail configsettings:
 +$default_move_to_trash = true; 
 +$default_move_to_sent = true; 
 +$default_save_as_draft = true; 
 +$trash_folder = 'INBOX/Trash'; 
 +$sent_folder = 'INBOX/Sent Items'; 
 +$draft_folder = 'INBOX/Drafts'; 
 +$auto_expunge = true; 
 +$delete_folder = false; 
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