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 +====== Install Citadel on RPM based distributions ======
 +Citadel is available as RPM-Package for the following distributions:
 +  * SLES
 +  * Fedora
 +  * openSUSE
 +  * Mandriva
 +Use this link to install: [[http://software.opensuse.org/download?package=citadel&project=home:homueller:citadel|Citadel]]
 +Use this link to install: [[http://software.opensuse.org/download?package=webcit&project=home:homueller:citadel|Webcit]] 
 +For all distributions the following steps have to be accomplished, but are different for each distribution (see links above):
 +  - Add repository with the distributions package management tool (e.g. zypper, yum, urpmi)
 +  - update package cache 
 +  - install citadel and/or webcit with the distributions package management tool
 +The following main packages are available:
 +  * citadel: citadel-server, daemon
 +  * citadel-client: client, to connect from a terminal
 +  * citadel-mta: sendmail  replacement
 +  * webcit: web-client
 +After installation edit the configuration files /etc/sysconfig/citadel and /etc/sysconfig/webcit according to your needs. Then run
 +<code> % /usr/sbin/citadel-setup </code>
 +to initialise citadel's database and to create an admin account.
 +===== SysVinit and systemd =====
 +The older RPM based distributions, like //SLES// and //CENTOS//, use sysvinit as init system. With these distributions the citadel and webcit daemons will be started through the scripts /etc/init.d/citadel and /etc/init.d/webcit. So, you would use
 +<code>% /etc/init.d/citadel start</code>
 +to start the citserver daemon.
 +The newer distributions, like //openSUSE//, //fedora// and //Mandriva//, use systemd as init system. So, you can would use
 +<code>% systemctl start citadel.service</code>
 +to start the citserver daemon. The [[http://www.citadel.org/doku.php/faq:systemadmin:systemd#Citadel.and.systemd|FAQ article about systemd]] describes how to use systemd.
 +The service command will work in either case, e.g.:
 +<code>% service citadel start</code>
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