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   * The [[http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/CustomRulesets|Spamassasin custom rulesets page]] has many more and their current status.   * The [[http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/CustomRulesets|Spamassasin custom rulesets page]] has many more and their current status.
 =====Configuring a per user Spam folder===== =====Configuring a per user Spam folder=====
-Right now citadel itself can only binary operate SA:  +Citadel's SpamAssassin integration only works on a site-wide basis. Spam is bounced; ham (non-spam) is delivered.  If you wish to change this behavior you can reconfigure Citadel to only flag spam instead of rejecting it In this case, each user will need to have a spam handling rule on their inbox In this caseeach user can choose to either reject or quarantine incoming spam. 
-  * Spam: Reject +
-  * NoSpam: Deliver +
-If you want to change that behaviour you need to plug another Mail Transport Agent (MTA) in front of citadelBy principle this can be every MTA that knows how to forward / deliver through LMTP mails on to another serverHoweverright now the most tightest way to do this with [[faq:installation:configuring_postfix_to_validate_email_addresses_against_a_citadel_server| Postfix; it even can revalidate whether the Recipient exists]] (which is important to keep your systems to suffer from Dictionary Spam Attacks). Less accurate solutions are known to work with [[faq:spam:qpsmtpd|QPSMTPD]] and [[faq:installation:configure_qmail_to_deliver_to_citadel|qmail]]+
-Then you do configure a Sieve Rule per user to move SPAM-Flagged Mails to the spam-folder.+
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