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FAQ / Knowledge Base

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Audience: End User

Everyday Use

“Recipes” end users might find useful - how to accomplish special tasks with your Citadel server.

Getting Favorite Clients Working

How do you hook up your favorite GUI mail client (such as Thunderbird, MS Outlook…) to cooperate with your Citadel Server

Audience: System Administrator

General Questions

Do you want to know details about how the citadel system works? Whether it will in your environment? Find the answers here.


Do you have troubles getting the Citadel system working? Maybe the answer to your problem is already known.

Handling Spam

Your users are troubled by Spam? Here are some countermeasures you might take.

Troubleshooting your Host OS

Not that familiar with the Linux/BSD/Mac OS Internals? Want to know how to verify your citadel is operational? These articles will show you how to verify.

System Administration

Do you want to effectively manage your Citadel? Do Backups? Auto-add Users? Here you will find more to know.


Citadel isn't doing what you expect it to? Have a look at these Topics.

Mobility Support

Citadel can be accessed on the move using various options.

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