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 +=====Changing your citserver config the hard way====
 +Usually you can lean on webcit, the citadel commandline client or setup to modify your citservers config.
 +If all of them fail, here is the cumbersome way, which otoh only requires [[documentation:cmdman:sendcommand|sendcommand]], an editor of your choice (it should show you the line number for convenience) and a good eye.
 +we will obtain the current configuration from citserver using:
 +  sendcommand conf get > /tmp/cfg.txt
 +now we can use [[documentation:appproto:system_config#confgetorsetglobalconfigurationoptions|the documentation to know which line is which setting]], change it, save it, and send it back to citserver using:
 +  sendcommand conf set <  /tmp/cfg.txt
 +Now restart citserver to make the changes taking effect.
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