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 +=====How do I expire messages=====
 +Usually keeping mails safe is a key feature of a mail system. However, there are situations where you want mails to vanish if they reach a certain age. 
 +Possible usecases:
 +  - High frequency mailinglists where you maintain offsite history
 +  - RSS-Feeds where you don't want a large backlog
 +  - Forums with ongoing discussions
 +  - Mailboxes for mobile clients that should have a limited number of messages
 +It can be configured in a two factor mode:
 +  - System default (//Administration->Edit site-wide configuration->Auto-purger//)
 +    - site wide configuration for public rooms
 +    - per private mailboxes
 +  - Floor Policy (//Administration->Add, change, or delete floors->[Choose Floor; Edit]->...?)
 +  - Per Room settings (//Advanced->Edit or delete this room->Message expire policy//)
 +    - Individual setting for this room
 +    - default floor policy
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