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 [[documentation:file_layout|... where to find the certificate files]] [[documentation:file_layout|... where to find the certificate files]]
 +======GoDaddy Certificates=====
 +// By the users joy & blasto333 //
 +in [[documentation:file_layout#citserver|citservers key directory]]
 +  - openssl genrsa -out citadel.key 2048  
 +  - openssl req -new -key citadel.key -out citadel.csr  
 +  - in godaddy provide citadel.csr to generate ssl certifcate extension crt  
 +  - godaddy will send you a zip contaning 2 files extract the files  
 +    - One of the files is named "yourdomain" and it comes in crt format ... rename the file to citadel.cer  
 +    - The other file is a godaddy chain in crt format... just remane the extension of this one to cer  
 +  - copy the 2 files to the [[documentation:file_layout#citserver|citservers key directory]]
 +  - copy all the files in [[documentation:file_layout#citserver|citservers key directory]] to [[documentation:file_layout#webcit|webcits key directory]]
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