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 +====== Monitoring the Citadel system ======
 +If you are installing Citadel in an environment that uses a monitoring system to keep watch over all systems and services around the clock, here are some things to configure when monitoring Citadel.
 +  - Monitor SMTP on port 25
 +  - Monitor POP3 on port 110
 +  - Monitor IMAP on port 143
 +  - Monitor a generic TCP service on port 504
 +  - If you have host agent software, configure it to monitor the "citserver" process on your Citadel host.  Also configure it to monitor the "webcit" process on your WebCit host (which may or may not be the same host).
 +  - Monitor this URL: http://webcit.example.com/monitor for the string "SUCCESS".  This string will appear when WebCit is running and able to successfully connect to its Citadel server.  A failure anywhere in the system will cause the "SUCCESS" string to not be displayed, and this can trigger an alert in your monitoring system.
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