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 +=====How do I determine which installation method was used for my system?=====
 +First of all, if you downloaded the VMWare appliance, you're running Easy Install.\\
 +Easy Install and the Debs are [[documentation:file_layout|different about where they put the files]].
 +One shure indicator for Easy Install is the following command not failing:
 +  cd /usr/local/citadel/
 +For the .Debs you should be able to 
 +  cd /etc/citadel/
 +  dpkg --list |grep citadel
 +should output
 +ii  citadel-client                       x.xx-xx                       complete and feature-rich groupware server (
 +ii  citadel-common                       x.xx-xx                       complete and feature-rich groupware server
 +ii  citadel-doc                          x.xx-xx                       complete and feature-rich groupware server (
 +ii  citadel-mta                          x.xx-xx                       complete and feature-rich groupware server (
 +ii  citadel-server                       x.xx-xx                       complete and feature-rich groupware server
 +ii  citadel-suite                        x.xx-xx                       complete and feature-rich groupware server; 
 +ii  citadel-webcit                       x.xx-xx                        web-based frontend to Citadel groupware serv
 +ii  libcitadel-dev                       x.xx-xx                        Development files for libcitadel1
 +ii  libcitadel1                          x.xx-xx                        Citadel toolbox
 +ii  libcitadel1-dbg                      x.xx-xx                        Debugging symbols for libcitadel1
 +(where x.xx-xx is the version of citadel you've installed)
 +You may have as subset of these packages, see [[installation:debian#packages.available.here.and.their.content|the list of packages and their content]] for more information.\\
 +If still unshure, [[documentation:file_layout|see the complete list of files]] for both Easy Install and .Debs.
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