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 +====== Exporting a message for a bug report ======
 +====Via Imap & Thunberbird====
 +The most convenient way to retrieve the raw print of an email is to connect thunderbird to citadel via imap, search the message in question, click it, and press <ctrl> + <u>; Thunderbird will then open a popup window with the raw message. <File>-><save> will then allow you to save the message to 'message.eml' 
 +you can then gzip it, and post it as an attachment to uncensored.
 +====on the way in with tcpdump====
 +In some situations its needed to catch a message on the way in. You can do this [[faq:mastering_your_os:net_sniff#tcpdump|with tcpdump capturing port 25]] and use [[faq:mastering_your_os:net_sniff#wireshark|wireshark to extract the stream]].
 +You then can zip it, and post it to the 'citadel support' room.
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