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Citadel Virtual Appliance

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then the Citadel virtual appliance may be the right solution for you. It consists of a pre-built system which can be run inside several popular hypervisors. The Citadel virtual appliance contains a preconfigured Linux operating system, with complete Citadel system (including WebCit). Spam protection using SpamAssassin and virus protection using ClamAV are already installed and integrated into the system, and configured to receive automatic updates.


Here is the KVM version of the appliance, which was built on ProxMox VE 1.8: http://easyinstall.citadel.org/citadel-kvm-appliance-2011.zip

Here is the VMware version of the appliance, which was built on ESXi 4.1: http://easyinstall.citadel.org/citadel-vmware-appliance-2012.zip

(Is your favorite hypervisor not listed? Contact us for instructions on packaging this appliance for the environment of your choice!)

Getting Started with Citadel

When your appliance starts up for the first time, it will obtain its IP address using DHCP and then run the Citadel setup program. During this setup you will specify the name and password for an administrator account.

After you have logged in once with webcit, you can connect to that account with your favorite mail client via POP, IMAP or SMTP. A more thorough Getting Started may give you aditional information.

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