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Easy Install Instructions

This is the home of Easy Install for the Citadel system. If you don't know what Citadel is, you're starting in the wrong place. Please go to the main Citadel web site.

Easy Install is a one-step installer which downloads, compiles, and configures a complete Citadel system on your computer. It basically does the same things you would do if you were building Citadel by hand, but with Easy Install, all of these steps are automated and performed in the correct order without your intervention.

Who should use this:

Anyone who wants to install the Citadel system but does not want to manually build it from source code. You can also upgrade Citadel using Easy Install, as long as Easy Install was used for the initial installation. Of course, you should always back up your server before an upgrade.


Easy Install is designed for Linux. It has been tested on several different distributions. Other unix-like platforms (BSD, Solaris, etc.) may work, but this has not been tested. If you have trouble with Easy Install on a non-Linux platform, please visit one of the Citadel support forums for help building from the source tarballs. You can find the Citadel support forums at Uncensored! BBS. After creating an account, please leave your support questions in the “Citadel Support” room (not in the Lobby, please).

To get started...

Log on to your Linux system as “root” and enter the following command at the prompt:

curl http://easyinstall.citadel.org/install | sh

Or if you don't have curl, try wget:

wget -q -O - http://easyinstall.citadel.org/install | sh

Easy Install will automatically initialize. Please note that we said “easy,” not “fast.” It will compile a lot of code and is therefore quite time consuming. In the future we will add pre-compiled binaries for some of the more popular host operating systems.

So, what's it going to do? When you begin Easy Install, the following things are going to happen:

After installation:

After the install completes you can reach your new Citadel installation with any web browser and customize it from there.

You should read the Getting Started Guide and some of the links of interest.

Custom compiling Citadel components

If you want to compile own components against Easy Install you might want to read the Homebrewing against easy install FAQ

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