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 +=====BSD System Requirements===== 
 +Easy install requires a working build system including **lang/gcc** and **devel/gmake**; please install it from the ports. Citadel can also make use from these optional ports: 
 +  * **converters/libiconv** unless you want to go with plain ASCII,  and don't use [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quoted_printable|quoted printable decoding]] in certain places, you should install libiconv. 
 +  * **textproc/intltool** if you want to be able to read non-UTF-8 mails with non-ASCII glyphs inside 
 +  * **devel/gettext** if you want to use another language than english (global per running webcit instance; Per session locale isn't available on BSD systems due to the lack of per thread locale support) 
 +  * **misc/shared-mime-info** if you want enhanced MIME de/encoding for the files library and email attachments 
 +  * a [[http://freedesktop.org|freedesktop.org]] compliant Icontheme from KDE/GNOME/... if you want nice icons for mail Attachments and the File library
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