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by Stuart Canios

available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/modauthcitadel

Here the Releasenotes: BETA2 of mod_auth_citadel has been released.

The changes specifically address a minor bug in the build system which prevent the –with-apache-headers option from taking effect.

There are no changes to the module's code. If the module is already installed, there is no need to update.

Additionally, this release has been tested on FreeBSD 7/i386 with Apache 2.2 built from ports. The build has passed testing. Build and operation as also been verified on Linux distributions Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, and RHEL.

Mod_auth_citadel is an Apache authentication module for Citadel Groupware Server users. It allows users to be seamlessly authenticated against the Citadel user database directly from the Apache web server. It uses the native Citadel IPC protocol, and features SSL/TLS support for secure communications to the Citadel server.

- Stu

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