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OpenBuildService RPMS

Under http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/homueller:/citadel/ you can find our new RPMs. Feel free to try them out and provide feedback in the 'citadel support'-room on Uncensored.

Right now we support the following distributions:

Use this link to install: Citadel

Use this link to install: Webcit

All other packages for reference:

citadel-client | citadel-doc | citadel-lang | citadel-mta | Citadel-SElinux | libcares2 | libcitadel3 | libev | libical | libsieve1 | webcit-lang | webcit-theme-blue-castle | perl Net::Citadel

What to do after package installation?

Check if the citadel service is running by executing 'service citadel status'. If it is not running, then you'll start it with 'service citadel start'.

Then you can execute '/usr/sbin/citadel-setup' to initialize the database and set the administrator user and his password. I suggest to keep the default values unless you know what you are doing (exception: don't let citadel-setup create/change the init/rc scripts).

After setup has finished, adjust the settings in /etc/sysconfig/citadel and /etc/sysconfig/webcit to your needs. The changes will take effect after you restarted citadel and/or webcit (service [citadel|webcit|webcits] restart).

If something doesn't work as expected, then take a look into citadel's logfile /var/log/citadel.log (default with rsyslog) or /var/log/mail. Webcit will log to /var/log/webcit/* (default with rsyslog).

Please note that Citadel only supports systemd on recent fedora, openSUSE and Mandriva. Therefore starting and stopping the services may be a little bit different (e.g. systemctl citadel.service start).

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