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Table of Contents

Source Code

Required dependencies

The Citadel system relies on the following libraries in order to provide its full set of functionality. (If you are using pre-built packages, or the Easy Install system, these libraries will be brought in for you automatically.)

Optional dependencies

These will be used if they are present, otherwise the Citadel system will still build but with some minor features missing.



libcitadel contains common code which is shared across all of the components which make up the Citadel system. Its installation is mandatory. Please install it first. (If you are using pre-built packages, or the Easy Install system, this library will be brought in for you automatically.)

Citadel server


This is the most recent stable version of Citadel. This version is known to work on recent versions of Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris; it should work on other systems as well. See howto compile against EasyInstall in case of you wanting to temporarily replace your citserver. It contains both the server and a text-mode client. You can build an entire working system with this, or you can just build the client and connect to some other existing system. It also provides connectivity through:



WebCit provides an elegant, modern web user interface to Citadel, allowing users to access (and privileged users to administer) the system from any web browser. It also allows GroupDAV and Webcal (DAV) clients to connect. WebCit is installed in addition to a working Citadel server; it will not run by itself and it will not run over a non-Citadel server. In almost all cases you will want to run both services (although you can run them on different hosts if you want to).

Third-party contributions

Here are add-ons and other programs provided by Citadel users.

Source code repository

Developers can also download the current development sources from the repository. If you intend to do development work on the Citadel code then you should work with this version, but do not attempt to run a production system on unreleased code.

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