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Source code repository

If you're a developer, or would just like to tinker with the latest and greatest version of the Citadel source code currently in development, you're welcome to use our source code repository to download up-to-the-minute updates of what we've currently got sitting on the source code server.

Keep in mind that what you download is unreleased code, and as such is not supported in any way. There's no guarantee it'll even compile properly. What it will do is give you an opportunity to see what's going on in the development community, offer you something to tinker with, and if you'd like, you might even consider fixing bugs or adding features and sending them in. (If you do so, please send in small, well-documented patches based on the very latest source tree.)

Code which is available:

Browse the Sourcecode Repository

Inspect the work in tiny steps: http://code.citadel.org/

How to download source code anonymously

git clone git://git.citadel.org/appl/gitroot/citadel.git

How to choose the branch

The Citadel development is organized in Branches; Master contains the currently ongoing development, which may be unstable in some cases; stable-xxxxx contains the to be released source code with ongoing patches & bugfixes backported from master. By default the above git clone gives you a 'master' working copy. Once the code is released into tarballs for distribution, Releases are tagged.

To choose one of the Branches or Tags (if you don't want to build probably unstable code) i.e. stable-82x use:

git checkout stable-82x

To get the latest (maybe not yet released) code for this stable branch.

If you found a patch in Master, which you'd like to add to your currently checked out branch or tag, you can use

git cherry-pick a6e90dc4d19b9d7b7f9b55d281cf237bc5f40f66

which would then add this commit to your working copy.

Build Notes

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