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Are you using Citadel? Tell us about it!

With any open source software, it's difficult to gauge how many people are using it because there's no need to track every copy out there for licensing purposes. We'd like to get a better idea of how many people are using Citadel, and for what purposes. Recent feedback by certain people has indicated that the installed base is probably much larger than we thought it was. The nature of our support environment is such that we usually only hear from the people who are having trouble – only a small number of the users who are successfully running the software actually check in to say “hi” and comment about their success. The few who do tend to be the ones who eventually get involved in further development.

So, we'd like to hear from you! Are you running Citadel? If so, please send us a quick note, either via the Contact Us page on this web site, or by visiting the Citadel Support room on UNCENSORED! BBS. We'd like to know how many users you have online, what you're using Citadel for (either as a simple email server, or a full groupware suite, or an online BBS/forum system, etc.), and how your users are enjoying it. Similarly, if you evaluated the Citadel system and ultimately decided to go with another package, we'd be interested in knowing how you arrived at that decision too.

So don't be shy! Get in touch and tell us about your installation!

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