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Citadel 6.47 released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Citadel version 6.47. If you're running Citadel in an IMAP environment, you'll definitely want this upgrade.

Nearly all of the QA put into this version has been focused on getting better IMAP service performance out of Citadel servers. We tested with Thunderbird, Pegasus Mail, Outlook, Pine, Mutt, and a few others … and optimized the server for real-world usage patterns. Particular attention was given to performance on very large mailboxes (as in, thousands of messages). For example, a test folder containing approximately 7,000 messages, which took about three minutes to enumerate using Thunderbird with Citadel 6.45, took with Citadel 6.47.

It is our goal to continue delivering better performance and useful features, so watch this space for more improvements coming soon!

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