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Citadel 6.60 and WebCit 6.30 released

The two main components of the Citadel system have both been updated, sporting a long list of new features and optimizations.

* New in Citadel 6.60: * Server-side support for email address autocompletion * Better parsing of 'Display Name' style addresses * Cc: and Bcc: support. * Performance optimization for the replication (networking) service * Messages sent out to recipients on a mailing list are now more friendly towards services which archive lists, etc. * Groupware objects are now indexed by EUID (UID, UUID, etc.), allowing faster searching and replication on that basis. * When a user sends mail out to the Internet, the recipients are now automatically added to the address book. * More improvements to the performance of our IMAP service New in WebCit 6.30:**

* AJAX refresh for two-pane mail view, and for updating the 'Who is online' and 'Summary' screens.

* When entering email recipients, addresses can be autocompleted from the address book.

* Cc: and Bcc: support.

* More intelligent display of message date/time.

* The webserver now speaks fully compliant HTTP/1.1

* The 'print message' function now works in broken browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

* The richtext editor for message entry is now the popular TinyMCE component.

* More diverse options for Reply, Reply All, Reply Quoted, Forward, etc.

* Email signatures can now be defined for WebCit.

* Better support for conversion of foreign character sets to UTF-8

* Bug fixes for commonly found SSL issues.

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