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WebCit 6.40 released

Check out our Flash demo of WebCit 6.40! This new version was released today, and it is an upgrade that introduces many new features. WebCit is the web-based front end to the Citadel system. It now supports numerous AJAX-style features, such as the ability to drag and drop messages between rooms (or folders), an improved rich text editor, an improved two-pane message viewer, additional bulletin board options, and a left-side menu bar that can toggle between the main menu and a collapsible room list.

Additionally, WebCit can now run in three different languages: English (US), German, and Italian. More translations are on the way. If you don't see your language listed, you can volunteer to be a translator.

If you're looking for AJAX groupware that is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to live with … look no further.

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