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“Hi folks, I just wanted to say that I am very glad I switched my email server, forum, calendar, contacts, etc server(s) to Citadel. It is fast, easy and most important: reliable. It might not look too flash at times, but I rather have something working that does not need too much maintenance than having some cool stuff running, which crashes or behaves 'funny' at times.

In the past I wasted hours on reading troubleshooting pages and debugging - today, after 1.5 years I only spend 4 hours for installation and setting up/testing a working backup system for my Citadel server.

Very, very glad I did the move. Thanks to all people involved. :)”


“Just recently start playing with citadel, and I must say this is very well architected project, greatly packaged, easy install is amazing, and pretty much anything I touched post installation worked.”


“I have never had a better experience with a groupware suite. I'm excited to migrate users over … the sheer simplicity of Citadel is worth paying for when you compare it to other free and non-free solutions. Great work!”

Linux Journal, February 2007

"Microsoft Exchange, meet your replacement."

"ax25," Washington, DC

“I have installed a Citadel setup for a friend that is going to a public health preparedness summit in D.C. to use it as a demo system along with some other bits of software … I showed him some of the bells and whistles in Citadel and the things he thought would be the most useful include: Showing the last 5 messages (good for emergency folks to get caught up on events), command line interface for low speed links (great for our low speed state wide AX.25 packet radio network) … the fact that the web interface is available for folks that can't / won't be able to grock the command line … self registration (can be usefull in situations where you don't know all of the participants in an emergency). Thanks for the great software!”

Jon Watson

“I had a guy at the local LUG here tell me on Saturday that Citadel saved his butt. One of his clients server cratered and he was able to get their email back up and running in under and hour by installing Citadel on another box and repointing their MX record. Try that with anything else out there ;)”


“At first big appreciations for the Citadel developers! Everytime I am working with the system I am loving it more and more. I have the task to find a replacement system for a community network that is currently hosted on a FirstClass server. Having tested a couple of applications (Zimbra, phpgroupware, egroupware,…) I have to say Citadel is the clear winner for us! The latest updates with the nice addressbook popup added that feature that was missing. Thank you!”

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