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 ====== Testimonials ====== ====== Testimonials ======
 +===== pansophy =====
 +"Hi folks, I just wanted to say that I am very glad I switched my email server, forum, calendar, contacts, etc server(s) to Citadel. It is fast, easy and most important: reliable. It might not look too flash at times, but I rather have something working that does not need too much maintenance than having some cool stuff running, which crashes or behaves 'funny' at times.
 +In the past I wasted hours on reading troubleshooting pages and debugging - today, after 1.5 years I only spend 4 hours for installation and setting
 +up/testing a working backup system for my Citadel server.
 +Very, very glad I did the move. Thanks to all people involved. :)"
 ===== sasha ===== ===== sasha =====
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