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The WHOLIST iterator queries the server's "who is online" API to learn which users are connected. The following Tokens are provided to the subtemplate:

  Token          Type     Description  
 -------------- -------- ---------------------------------------------------------
 WHO:ISME      | Bool   | Is that user we're rendering the user owning the session? 
 WHO:SESSION   | int    | The session ID of this user                              
 WHO:NAME      | String | The Name of this user                                    
 WHO:IDLE      | Bool   | has this user been idle for more than 900 Seconds        
 WHO:IDLESINCE | int    | timestamp since the user has been idle                   
 WHO:NSESSIONS | int    | how often is this user  logged into this citadel?        
 WHO:ROOM      | String | The name of the Room this user is in                     
 WHO:REALROOM  | String | if the roomname was faked, this is the real one          
 WHO:HOST      | String | Where does this user come from?                          
 WHO:REALHOST  | String | if the hostname was faked, this is the real one          
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